​Shorncliffe State School Tuckshop is open every Thursday.

Tuckshop and Uniform Shop Convenor: Maria Lindholm

Contact: (07) 3631 9222 or email 

Tuckshop day: Thursday 

Tuckshop orders online only:​​

About the Tuckshop

Shorncliffe State School Tuckshop is owned and operated by the P&C Association.  It aims to provide a balance of treats for our students and healthy nutritious food whilst following the Smart Choices Strategy required in Queensland schools. 

You can order online anytime until 7:30am each Thursday.  It is possible to order days or weeks in advance

Specials are offered fortnightly. Information about these specials is communicated via class parents and social media groups.  The full Tuckshop menu is available online; simply register your child/children at QuickCliq, top up this account with EFT or credit card and order.  

On Tuckshop day, all the orders are cooked, baked and prepared, then put together and delivered to classes at the beginning of morning tea and lunch breaks.  Children are also welcome to order snacks, fruit, home-baked goods and drinks over the counter at the Tuckshop during these breaks.

A limited menu of drinks, fruit and snacks is available over the counter before school on Thursdays.

How you can help

  • Volunteers are needed to help prepare orders menu items on Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm
  • Volunteers are needed to help pack and prepare orders, and serve at the Tuckshop on Thursdays from 8am – 1.30pm
  • Donated ingredients help our Tuckshop Convenors provide your families with a range of interesting, nutritious and varied menu items at a very reasonable price - please click here for list of goods

For more information please contact us directly at

About Smart Choices 

Healthy eating and regular physical activity are essential to promoting and maintaining good health. The Smart Choices – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools is all about offering healthy food and drink choices to students in Queensland schools. 

Smart Choices, which became mandatory in State Schools from 1 January 2007.  It applies to all situations where food and drink is supplied in the school environment including tuckshops, vending machines, school excursions, school camps, fundraising, classroom rewards, school events such as celebrations and sports days and food used in curriculum activities.

Reflecting the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, Smart Choices categorises foods and drinks into three groups:

Green – Have plenty.  These foods and drinks are encouraged and promoted in schools.

Amber – Select Carefully.  These foods and drinks should not dominate choices and should be avoided in large serve sizes.

Red – Occasionally.  The availability of these foods and drinks should be limited to no more than two occasions per term.

The Department of Education, Training and Employment and Queensland Health have evaluated the implementation of Smart Choices across Queensland's state schools. 

Last reviewed 20 October 2021
Last updated 20 October 2021