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Shorncliffe State School has excelled as a school for many years, sending children on to secondary education with the foundation skills for further learning and the confidence to follow their own directions in life. This excellent start for our children comes from a caring and supportive environment within the school, experienced and stable staff who are identities in our community and from our school community that is active and supportive for their children.

Shorncliffe is, and has been, a wonderful place to live and bring up families. Our school is unique. No other school in this educational district is equal to our size; small enough for each child to be recognised by name and large enough the have the personnel and finances to undertake significant programs. We like to think our approaches are unique. Treating and supporting children with care and professional consideration for the learning needs and surrounding them in a family like environment.

Shorncliffe State School has a beautiful natural environment. Set on approximately 1 hectare of land in the middle of the Shorncliffe locality, the school consists of four separate buildings ranging from modernised heritage buildings to clusters of modern double teaching spaces. These buildings house ten general learning areas, resource centre and office area/staffroom.

Our grounds have, two covered adventure playground shaded by native trees planted by previous pupils, an all purpose tennis court, cricket pitches and practice nets, a half court basketball court and a small covered area for wet weather activities.

The Shorncliffe community is comprised of a broad cross section of occupations and cultural groupings. The demographic of our community is changing as young families purchase in the catchment area. The student population reflects the social and cultural diversity of the community.

Shorncliffe State School seeks to foster the development of the whole child - the intellect, the body, the emotions, the character and the spirit. This is done through quality programs and significant relationships.

We believe education begins at home and through a close co-operative partnership between school and home, students are encouraged to think independently and accept that rewards are gained from their efforts.

We seek to provide programs through which children learn to inquire, to reflect, to make sense of their experiences, to judge intelligently, to communicate thoughts and feelings, to work co-operatively with others, and to celebrate themselves, their qualities and achievements.

Our students are expected to give their best in all areas. Each child is unique. As a school we place emphasis on catering for the individual needs, abilities and ways of learning of our students. We strive to give each child the opportunity to succeed. The growth in self - confidence of a student is an important goal.

Last reviewed 13 February 2020
Last updated 13 February 2020